Interior Styling

 Same hourly rates apply to interior styling projects. The only difference is that all time spent shopping, designing, and communicating with client will be billed at $75/hour.

Maintenance Program

(for existing clients needing a reset)

 Quarterly Package:

3 Organizers/6 Hours

$1000 each session

Semi Annual:

3 Organizers/6 Hours

 $1050 each session

Virtual Organizing/ Home Styling for One Area

We will meet virtually and talk about all the ways we can tackle your project. We will help get you started and then send you an individualized action plan, shopping list, and how to know when to let go of something, and extra tips to organize your space on your own. $100 for 45 minute session. If you need more time, you can schedule additional hours at $75/hr.

Pre-Listing Consultation


30-45 minute full walk through of your home and yard. A complete home staging report will be provided with a google doc containing an easy to follow plan of action as well links to items that will improve the aesthetic of home. We will discuss the main living areas (family room, living room, kitchen, office), the master bedroom and all bathrooms. We can use additional time to assess other areas if time does not exceed 45 minutes. Recommendations may include suggestions such as: painting, general repairs, decluttering, cleaning, furniture relocation or removal, landscaping improvements, and/or changes to decor.

Travel Options

 When we travel, all travel expenses are covered by the client (lodging, airfare, means to shop/make returns while there, etc.). We order as much product as we can and have it shipped to your home. Time spent shopping, organizing and returning is billed hourly. We charge a flat fee for time spent travelling. We typically work 10-12 hour days and travel as a team of 3-5 organizers to make the project go as quickly and efficiently as possible. We only accept projects that are 3-4 days long.

Seasonal Styling

We would love to help you with your holiday decor. Hourly rates apply. We will come and unpack your holiday boxes, style your home, shop for any additional decor needed, and make your home look beautiful and ready for the season.

Virtual Complete Home Assessment


This package is the exact same as the complete home assessment, but all work is done entirely virtually with a facetime or zoom call where we walk through the home and address any and all organization and/or styling needs. Any spaces needing assistance beyond what is accomplished by the complete home assessment can be consulted on virtually and any work will be billed at $75/hr.

Complete Home Assessment


Organize your home like a pro with this DIY option. Your complete home assessment takes an in-depth look at your home (this is the price for an average 3,000 sq foot home with 3-5 bedrooms). Walk through usually takes about 45 minutes. Then, a detailed list of ideas, storage solutions, and space planning tools are created specifically for your home. At the end of the walk through, you will receive a google doc with links to suggested products, tips and ideas to help you transform your home on your own schedule. Two follow up virtual meetings up to 30 minutes each can be scheduled to keep you on track and answer any questions if you get stuck.

Home Staging Package


This package includes the pre-listing consultation as well as a follow up “install” to style your home and getting it looking it’s very best to put on the market. Once “to-do” list has been completed, two Reset Your Nest designers will come in and style all main living areas: family room, living room, kitchen, office, and master bedroom. Reset Your Nest will bring in additional accessories for styling main living areas. We will stay a maximum time of 2 ½ hours. If there is remaining time after main areas are styled, Reset your Nest will do a walk through of remainder of home and style bathrooms and additional rooms and spaces as needed using items purchased from shopping list. Any items brought in by Reset Your Nest will be reimbursed by owner.