Growing up the youngest of four girls,  you can imagine how many dolls, barbies and accompanying accessories were strewn throughout her family's playroom. Her mother had a saying, come time to pick up the playroom,"find a home for this toy or I will." She quickly learned that if her toys didn't have a "home," her mother's definition of "home" was the garbage! This helped her to learn that keeping things clean and tidy, meant keeping her toys and special treasures safe.

Fast forward 25 years and she now has the same saying her mother did with her own children. Amy understands the value of having a well organized home to keep her family's lives running as smoothly as possible. One of her favorite rooms to organize, ironically, is toy rooms! Thankfully she wasn't too traumatized as a child having some toys end up in the garbage. Another favorite space to organize for her is the kitchen pantry.

Amy is a Salt Lake City organizer where she lives with her husband, two children and two dogs. She enjoys a good cold Dr. Pepper, spending time with family and friends and the occasional Netflix and chill session. She is grateful to be a part of the Reset Your Nest family.