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Three Simple Steps Organizing Spices Kitchen Organization

Spice Up Your Life

Try these three simple steps for organized spices. Spice organization is truly the easiest and most satisfying organization project for beginners and...

Simple Valentines Day Decorations Wreath Decor

Simple Valentine's Day Decorations

Decorating for Valentine's Day on a Budget It's the season of love! When the dreariness of winter feels to be dragging on, Valentine's Day is such a...

Christmas Gift Guide Under Twenty Dollars Affordable Budget Friendly Gifts

Reset Your Nest Gift Guides 2022

I am so excited about these gift guides this year. These are my favorite tried and true items I use in my own routine, that my husband uses, and that...

Shea McGee Pantry Organization Professional Home Organizers

Shea McGee's Pantry (Before + After)

What do you think of when you hear Shea McGee? You may think of her Netflix show, stunning online store, or collaboration with Target. I immediately...