Hi there! I'm a Reset Your Nest organizer who can't wait to help you improve your space for whatever needs you have! My experience dates back to my preteen years when my mom let me 'organize' the space under the stairs so that I could make room to move in there and live like Harry Potter.  I guess when you have six kids in your family, you do what you can to find your own quiet place! Fortunately, my mom stopped short of actually letting me move my mattress in and I enjoyed the rest of my time growing up in Indiana in a normal bedroom. I moved to Utah to attend BYU where I graduated with a degree in Public Health Education and worked at the Utah Department of Health for about five years.  I met my husband at BYU and our family grew.  Now, with three kids (8, 6 & 2) I spend most of my time doing mommy stuff.  Here are a few things I make time for in my life right now: studying the scriptures, journaling, weightlifting, art, weekly nights off from my mommy job and date nights with my sweetheart.  I love reading, anything with caramel, and watching movies.