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Car Organization Hacks: How an Organized Car Can Change Your Life

Car organization is tricky because being prepared is so important when you are on the road... but with limited space, too much stuff can create a lot of clutter. Organizing the essentials can help you feel calm and create systems for the whole family . Here are my top hacks for intentionally choosing what to put in your car AND keep it organized.

1. Use Photo Boxes to Contain the Necessities

Photo boxes fit nicely in most middle consoles. I label items I typically use while on the go. I use the following categories for items kept in my middle console:

  • First Aid & Medicine

  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray

  • Lotion, Lips, & Sanitizer

  • Hair, Scissors, & Tweezers: I put a little water spray bottle in here as well which comes in handy for lots of things

  • Cutlery & Wipes: have you ever gotten takeout to find that the restaurant forgot to pack a fork?

  • Cords: extra charging cord, headphones, and aux adapters

  • Masks

ar Organization Center Console Photo Boxes Utah Organizer

2. Keep a Small Vacuum and Cleaning Supplies in Your Car

This has been a GAME CHANGER for me! When I go through the car wash, I pull out my handy microfiber towel with my mini spray bottle of my favorite Thieves cleaner, my window cleaning towel, my mini car vacuum, and I let my kids help clean the inside of the car WHILE the outside is being cleaned. It is AMAZING and feels so doable.

Utah Organizer Reset Your Nest Car Organization Handheld Small Vacuum

3. Use Zipper Pouches to Hold Larger Items and Papers

I keep a zipper pouch in between my driver's seat and middle console to hold all coupons and gift cards I collect and a few favorite CD's in these thin plastic sleeves. I also keep zipper pouches in my glove box. One holds cleaning rags and a small spray bottle of cleaner and the other holds important documents (ie: car manual, registration, and insurance info)

Utah Organizer Reset Your Nest Car Organization Zipper Pouches

4. Keep Permanent Car Trash Bag in the Car

This way everyone knows where the trash goes (with a little reminding).

Utah Organizer Reset Your Nest Car Organization Trash Bag

5. Use Over the Sea Car Hooks

I love using these to get my purse off the ground. I use it to hang other bags, groceries, etc. They can also come in handy on road trips to give each kid a place for their own garbage sack, a landing spot for their headphones, etc.

6. Keep Essentials in Prime Location

This might look a little different for everyone...but my 3 top essentials are:

  • My phone mount that I love and keeps my phone hands free whenever I am in the car.

  • Post-its and pens. I keep them very accessible for easy notetaking while on the go.

  • Tissues. I just discovered these tissue boxes that fit very well in cup holders, I love that I can keep it low in my cup holder on the door, but it is super easy to grab a tissue.

Reset Your Nest Professional Organizer Car Organization Tissue Container

7. Keep a Few Emergency Preparedness Items

There are some items I keep back by my car jack and jumper cables, but items I keep up front in my glove box are: a few bottles of water, a few small tools (a tire gage and screw drivers), and a flashlight that doesn't run on batteries.

Car Organization Glove Box Organization Photo Box Flashlight

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing Business in Utah (servicing Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Alpine, Highland, Mapleton, and St. George). She loves creating order and systems out of chaos and is known for bringing a beautiful aesthetic as well as easy to maintain function to any space. She shares her tips and tricks on instagram @reset_your_nest.

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