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How to Maintain an Organized Home

Updated: Feb 27

Have you spent the last few weeks spring cleaning? If you need some inspiration to get started, check out our No-Fail Spring Cleaning Schedule.


Finding the motivation to spring clean and organize your entire home is a huge challenge (and accomplishment), but actually maintaining that organization and cleanliness can sometimes feel like an even greater challenge. However, if the systems you create are thoughtful and designed with your family in mind, maintenance gets easier and doesn't always feel like an uphill battle.

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Keeping Your Home Organized

So you've spent the last few weeks or months getting organized. You've decided what to hold onto and what to get rid of. If you've had time to put new systems into place, how are they working for you? You might not create the perfect system right away and that's ok! Think about the biggest pain points in your home and what areas cause you stress. Are your new systems hurting or helping your daily routine?


Once you've found a system that works for your home, schedule time to maintain it. Pick a time every week, month, or a few times a year (depending on the space) to refresh. This will not take as much time as the original organization, trust me, but an occasional refresh will help.


Every time you go through your refreshed space, follow these guidelines and ask yourself these questions or follow these guidelines:

  • Do I use this?

  • Do I have multiples of the same thing?

  • When was the last time someone in the home needed this?

  • Don't keep anything that doesn't have a designated space or something you don't have room for.

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Getting Your Family to Stay Organized

You may be fully on board with your home's new organization, but getting your family on board is a whole different battle. Tell them about your goals for the home. Ask them what they are willing to help with, what systems will help them succeed and help them get on board, and get them excited. When other members of the family are invested and feel heard, chances are higher they will follow suit with the new systems.

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Label, Label, Label

Consider buying a labeler…a good one. I have tried more labelers than I want to admit and my favorite is the Brother Ptouch Cube Plus label maker. Labeling is the icing on the cake and the final key to getting the entire household on the same page with your efforts. Don’t underestimate the power of a label. And labels can be part of the beauty of it as well (if you do it right).


Did you know that we offer refresh services as well? Once we reset your space, maintenance is so much easier, but also necessary. We can come to you every 3-6 months and freshen up your beautiful spaces to make sure systems are still working for you.⁠

xo Jennifer Martin

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing Business in Utah (servicing Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Alpine, Highland, Mapleton, and St. George). She loves creating order and systems out of chaos and is known for bringing a beautiful aesthetic as well as easy to maintain function to any space. She shares her tips and tricks on Instagram @reset_your_nest.

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