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Lindsay Arnold Home - Bathroom Organization

Did you see our post about organizing Lindsay Arnold's pantry? It's one of my favorite pantries I've ever done and working with Lindsay was so great. She is beyond kind and was so excited about the changes we made in her pantry. So I was beyond thrilled when she invited us back to organize her master bathroom.

Bathroom Organization

Clean Out

Lindsay Arnold's bathroom was full of such great stuff. Because she's a celebrity, she is often gifted hair products to try, or she is sent home from her job with the products they use for her on set. So after we took everything out of her drawers and cabinet, Lindsay did a big edit and got rid of everything she doesn't use. This made it so much easier to reset her space and will make it so much more functional for her to use because she won't be digging through things she doesn't use to find what she really wants.

Drawer Organization

Starting with her top drawer, we swapped out Lindsay's bamboo trays for these clear trays from mDesign. Look how spacious and bright that swap made things look! Here we were able to contain and display her and her husband's most used items in an organized way that is functional and will be easy to maintain.

Bathroom Organization Drawer Organizers Clean Oral Care Utah Organizer

Bathroom Drawer Organization Utah Organizer

Makeup Drawer Organization

This second drawer houses Lindsay Arnold's skincare, make-up, and hair accessories. We used deep and long 16x16 acrylic bins to keep everything upright and in its place, and this awesome make-up caddy that will be so easy for her to lift up and set on the counter when she needs it.



Bathroom Drawer Organization Utah Organizer


Lindsay Arnold Home Organization Bathroom Organized Skin Care Utah Organizer

Hair Care Organization

Her bottom drawer was the deepest and was the obvious spot for hairbrushes and tools. By simply categorizing and containing like items together in these deep acrylic bins, she'll never have to dig through things again, and nothing will ever get lost.


Bathroom Drawer Organization Utah Organizer


Lindsay Arnold Home Organization Bathroom Organized Hair Care Utah Organizer

Under the Sink Organization

Under the sink, spaces can seem impossible to keep organized and tidy, but with the right containers, it can be done! Design around the piping and you'll find you have more space than you might have originally thought. I love to stack these hinge-lid acrylics with items that you might not be using every day, but use sometimes. Because they are clear, things won't get lost or forgotten, because you can see what you have. And having something stackable really maximizes the space.


Lindsay Arnold Home Organization Bathroom Organized Under Sink Stacking Storage Hair Care Utah Organizer


Lindsay Arnold Home Organization Bathroom Organized Under Sink Stacking Containers Skin Care Storage Utah Organizer

Lindsay Arnold Home Organization Bathroom Organized Skin Care Hair Care Storage Utah Organizer

Backstock hair products were stored under one of the sinks in these deep acrylic bins that will act like drawers and make it so that nothing will get lost in the back. Lindsay already had these great acrylic trays to hold her backstock of make-up. I haven't been able to find this exact set, but this link will take you to something comparable, though smaller.

All in all, we're so happy with how this bathroom turned out! Do you look at these projects and think they can't be done at your home? I promise you, it can! If you’re ready to get your bathroom organized, schedule a complementary virtual consultation with us! And continue to read this blog and follow Reset Your Nest on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest for free tips on how you can do it on your own! We're so glad you're here!

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing Business in Utah (servicing Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Alpine, Highland, Mapleton, and St. George). She loves creating order and systems out of chaos and is known for bringing a beautiful aesthetic as well as easy to maintain function to any space. She shares her tips and tricks on instagram @reset_your_nest.

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