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How to Plan an Intentional Summer Home Kids Activities

How to Plan an Intentional Summer

Summer is here! Or almost here. Does that realization fill you with pure elation or dread… or maybe a little bit of both? As a mom of 4 kids, our...

Community Outreach Reset Your Nest Community Project Candice Myers Cancer Support

Reset Your Nest Community: Candice Myers

"The time is always right to do what is right." - Marin Luther King, Jr   Reset Your Nest Community Outreach I wish you could have met Candice Myers....

Minimalist Fall Decor Styling Tips Professional Organizer

Minimalist Fall Decor - Styling Tips

It's that time of year... cooler weather, crisp morning air. Sweaters, long pants, boots. Soup, apple cider, hot chocolate, Perk (my favorite!)*....

5 Simple Hacks, Big Difference

These 5 hacks take 5 minutes or less to do and make a big difference in our home.⁠ They prove to me that it is the little things... the extra minute...

Why Organize?

I could share with you many reasons why I organize, why I love organizing, and why I have chosen organizing as my career... but I know we are all so...