Reset Your Nest was built to make lives better through creating beautiful and organized homes. Our team of skilled and thoughtful organizers custom design beautiful, organized, spaces that let you enjoy life more. 

At Reset Your Nest we aim to create a positive work environment for our organizers, and be a valuable addition to the care economy. We know that by investing in our team, our customers will feel that love and care in their homes. 


A Utah native, Jen started Reset Your Nest as a small business with the goal to create functional and beautiful spaces. What she didn't expect was how Reset Your Nest would flourish as a company or what it would mean for the clients, followers and team members. Being organized was always Jen's most identifiable trait, but becoming a mother of four expanded her appreciation even more for the value of an organized home. Jen always had a love of interior design and believes that closets should be just as beautiful as living spaces and that living spaces can be just as functional as closets. Creating beautiful spaces and functional systems in others' homes while improving the life of others has become her passion. 


Tori Horton brings over 20 years of startup experience. She has worked with over 10 early-stage companies, some of which were funded by major venture capitalist firms, including Andreessen Horowitz, Northgate Capital, Lightspeed Venture, and more. Prior to joining Reset Your Nest, Tori worked at PayPal as a Senior Product Manager and was responsible for women's economic empowerment as a member of the Global Social Innovation team. As CEO of Reset Your Nest, Tori's goal is to re-value the care economy while supporting households with limited time to organize their spaces, making life easier.