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Luxury Organization • Concierge Moves • Maintenance Memberships • Decluttering & Senior Moves

Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life

Whether you’re moving into a new home, wanting an update to your current space, or needing a full home transformation, Reset Your Nest is here to help. We are professional organizers in Utah, organizing homes in Park City, Alpine,  Salt Lake City, and everywhere in between.

professional organizers utah
professional organizers utah
professional organizers utah
professional organizers utah

Luxury Home


Maintenance Memberships

Decluttering & Senior Move Management


Professional Home Organizers in Utah

Live a life that feels intuitive, easy, and beautiful. Our signature complete reset service will change the way you live in your home.

Our team of trained organizers will meticulously transform each space of your home to organized perfection while bringing in your design aesthetic.

We organize homes in Park City, Salt Lake City, Alpine, Utah County, and everywhere in between.


Organization Memberships

Make your investment last and enjoy the perks of being a Reset Your Nest member with preferred scheduling, a specialized project manager, and a member discount.

Our memberships options allow our team to organize your entire home over the span of a year, or freshen up your previously organized spaces throughout the year.


Moving Services in Utah

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life, unless you hire Reset Your Nest.

Our team of professional organizers will take care of your entire move experience. From decluttering your home when staging to sell, and packing to unpacking your belongings into your new space, Reset Your Nest has your move covered. You will feel completely settled in your home in a matter of days.


Decluttering &
Senior Move Management

Decluttering is an essential part of transforming a space especially before a move or major change in life. Our decluttering specialist works with you one on one to help you edit your items.

Additionally, we specialize in Senior Move Management. We understand moving your aging loved ones is an emotional and overwhelming time. We minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by helping to edit all belongings with the new living space in mind. We also help our clients get settled in their new space so the transition feels seamless and like home.

Ready to Chat?

When you're ready to talk about your space, schedule a free consultation.

Feel free to also email us at or visit our FAQ page for any additional questions you may have. 

Organize Your Space Yourself
with the 30
-Day Reset Program

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Are you needing a home organization transformation but not ready to take the plunge with one of our services? Our 30-Day Reset Program is the perfect solution!


Our environment affects everything about the way we live. After beautifully organizing hundreds of spaces, we have a comprehensive guide to help you organize your home in just 30 days.

We will guide you through all the how-tos in all the common problem areas in a home. Giving you the ability to create a beautiful and functional home.

There's never been a better time to get organized!

Transforming Homes, One Space at a Time

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