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What sets Reset Your Nest apart from all other organizing businesses?

Reset Your Nest is different from all other organizing businesses because of our focus on beauty and design as well as function. We value the aesthetic of the finished space as much as the function of it. We offer full-service luxury home organization in Utah that is customized to each client and family. We do not take a one size fits all approach and use our creativity and experience to create systems that will work for you. We come in with a team of experts and tackle most projects in one day, leaving you with a completely transformed space.​


How do I get started?

We start every project with a complimentary initial virtual consultation. You will meet with Amy, our incredible project consultant, to discuss the space and determine a project date. You can sign up for your consultation HERE. After a contract is signed and deposit is paid, we will send two organizers to do a throough pre-project walk through. They will take measurements, pictures, and discuss your style preferences, lifestyle, and hopes for the space. They will begin shopping and scheduling a team to be ready for your project.​


How far ahead should I schedule?

We are typically booked out 4-8 weeks. Sometimes there are cancellations and we can squeeze you in sooner, but that is currently what our schedule looks like. If you are planning a move or remodeling and know you will use our services, please call us as soon as you can. Even if you don’t have an exact date, we can put you on the schedule. If the date changes as we get close to the project, we can shuffle clients around to accommodate the change, but squeezing in a new client at the last minute can be difficult.​


What is the process?


Schedule your initial consultation to plan your project and get on the schedule.


Two organizers will come to your home two or more weeks before your scheduled project. They will take pictures and measurements of all the spaces to be organized. They will also discuss more at length with you your style preferences, how your household functions, what items you have, if you anticipate editing items, and more. They will help prepare you for the project as well as make certain they have all the necessary organizing products ordered to make the day of the project a success.


Reset your nest will do all the shopping, designing, coordinating of team members, and everything necessary to reset your space.


We show up on install day and do all the work to reset your space. We take everything out of the space, categorize, contain, design, and create custom labels. We come prepared with all necessary products to make this happen. At the end of the day, we walk you through your new space to give you all the tools you will need to effortlessly maintain it.


Spend more time doing what you love with the people you love in a space that helps you function better and feel better.​


Can you give me an estimate of how much it will cost?

This is the hardest question to answer because it is impossible to predict how long a project will take and how much product we will use until we are actually in the space. Each space is so different and every client is different. Because of that, we charge hourly, bring in an appropriately sized team, and do everything in our power to complete the reset quickly. We will always tell you what size team we are bringing in which can help give you an idea for what the project will cost you hourly in labor. You will only ever be charged for labor that is performed on your project. During our consultation, we are happy to share what other projects have cost that look similar in size to yours. ​


How much will product cost?

Product cost estimates are very hard to predict, but we have found that on average what is spent on organizing is the same amount as what is spent on products. If we decant everything and fill every drawer with dividers, it will be more. If you have a lot of great containers that we can use, it will be less. If you have a smaller budget, we can bring in more budget friendly options as well. We typically bring in a variety of products and focus on what looks best unless a client has specific preferences. ​


What is the project fee?

A project fee is assessed per project. It is a nominal fee that changes based on how many spaces and days the project includes. It helps offset the additional expenses incurred by the following services that we do not bill for hourly: 

Designing organization solutions and systems
Consulting and communicating with the client pre and post project
Hauling one car load of donations after the project is complete
Returning unused product specifically purchased for your space

What is included in the hourly fee?

All projects are fully customized and require some pre and post planning time which you will be charged for. We keep a large amount of product on-hand which saves a lot of shopping time, however each project requires shopping for specific product which is billed at an hourly rate. We also charge our hourly rate for loading product and time spent organizing in the home. You are not billed for time spent traveling unless the project is outside of Salt Lake County. ​


Do you upcharge your products?

We do not upcharge products for a profit. We charge roughly a 10% increase on products over retail prices to offset the cost of taxes and shipping.​


How long does a typical project take?

Every project is so different, but we try to schedule a team big enough to complete at least one space in one day. We always start our projects at 9:30 am and work until the job is complete. If we are doing a move, or multiple spaces, we will schedule multiple days.​


Do you organize smaller spaces or take on smaller projects?

Smaller spaces like linen closets can often be coupled with other small spaces. We love working on those little places in your home that need some adjusting and help. We typically do not schedule jobs that are estimated to take less than three hours by three organizers. Reset Your Nest is a full-service organization company and we like to finish each space we design through to completion. ​


I'm on a tight budget, can you help me?

Yes! We understand that hiring Reset Your Nest is an investment. The cost of having a team of experts completely reset a space and bring in organizational products adds up very quickly. The great thing about organizing is it's something you can do yourself! Jen constantly shares her best tips and tricks on InstagramPinterest, and her blog. You can find her favorite products under Jen's Favorites as well as labels in the Shop. If you're looking for a more structured and guided approach, sign up for the 30 Day Reset Program. ​


Can you help me move?

YES! That is the best time to use our services! We can help sort and edit items before a move, pack, and then unpack and create beautiful systems in your new home. We do not provide actual moving services, but can be there helping before and/or after the big day.​


Do you work with interior designers?

YES! We feel that interior designers and Reset Your Nest are a match made in heaven. We understand design and place a high priority on continuing the aesthetic of the home into every space. Our scope of work extends beyond what designers typically do and we love working with them to help their clients receive the best experience in their newly designed space.​


Do I need to be there?

We welcome our clients to be as involved in the process as they would like. We provide an all-inclusive service of designing, shopping, sorting, editing, and creating systems with custom labels, but if you want to be a part of any of those steps, you are welcome to participate. On the day of the project, our time is much more effective if you are available to us throughout the day. We will come to you when we have questions and to discuss style preferences, items you want to donate, and how your family functions so we can leave you with the most customized and beautiful space possible.​


Do I need to clean before you come?

That is entirely up to you. We like to see how the space is being used and are happy to tackle it in whatever state we find it. If you are wanting to get a jump start on the project, you are welcome to tidy it and we will jump in and get started wherever you are in the process.​


Do I have to throw my things away?

We do not throw anything out without your permission. We can help you as you make decisions about what will be donated, tossed, recycled, or kept. ​

I’m embarrassed to have someone go through my personal things and see my messy home, what do I do?

Please rest assured that there is no judgement. Our team of organizers are some of the kindest women you will ever meet. Our number one priority is to transform the way you live by creating a beautiful space that reflects who you are. Like a dentist looking at teeth all day, this is what we do every day. This is our specialty and our passion and why we have a job! Let us do the work for you. No judgement, just excitement that we get to help you!


What cities do you serve?

We are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and have locations in St. George, Logan, Ogden, and Utah County, which allows us to serve homes across all of Utah. We are also located in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona with more locations coming soon! ​

Not in those service areas? We love to travel to homes all over the country, but all travel expenses are covered by the client. We have done projects in Florida, Ohio, Southern and Northern California. Please schedule a consultation for more information. ​


Do you organize garages?

We organize just about everything. We love tackling new spaces and new projects. Garages usually require a handyman and a larger team, but we do them all the time. Our favorite time to do garages is in spring and fall. Our hourly rates for garages are $85 per lead organizer and $65 per additional organizers. ​


What if I don’t care about how it looks, I just want it to be functional?

Functional systems that last are our number one priority. However, because our specialty is also creating beauty in each space, your project will probably turn out beautiful no matter what. If your focus is on function, we will make sure that the products we use are custom tailored to your preferences, more simple and streamlined, and will not distract from the function of the space.​


If I want you to decorate as well as organize my space, how does that work?

We are happy to help you reset your entire space. That can be discussed at the time of the consultation and will be billed at $80/hour just like everything else. 


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, check, ACH bank transfer or credit card. If paying by credit card there is a 3% transaction fee added to your final invoice. We require a $2000 security deposit at time of scheduling. The remainder of the invoice (labor and product) will be sent within a week of the completed project.​


What COVID precautions are you taking?

We sanitize and wash hands regularly and never come to a job if we are showing any symptoms or sickness and/or have been exposed to anyone with a positive COVID test. We are happy to wear masks or gloves upon request. ​


How do I get involved with your service projects?

Reset Your Nest LOVES to give back to those most in need and has found that organizing a home for a family or individual going through an exceptionally hard time is an amazing way to bless their lives. Click here to be put on a list and contacted for upcoming projects. We welcome time, money and product donations.


​How can I become part of the Reset Your Nest Team?

One of the most rewarding parts of starting this business has been building a team of incredible people who understand how Reset Your Nest can transform homes and lives. If you are interested in being part of the team, please visit our job opportunity page HERE.