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4 Steps To Making Your Home A Place You Want To Be, Not Just A Place You Have To Be

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Reset Your Nest Blog 4 Steps to Making a Home

Now, more than ever, we need a place where we can feel at home. A place where we LOVE to be. We have all been forced to be homebodies during Covid and it has been so fun to see the outpouring of creativity and motivation of so many to improve where they live. Our homes have become a place to fill ALL of our needs. Our homes have transformed into schools, offices, gyms, and dance studios. Our homes have been the only place we can go to for entertainment, church, sit down eating, and family fun. That is a LOT to expect from one space. Our homes have been lived in more, cooked in more, and used so much more the last few months than ever before… at least our home has been. I’ve realized something the last few house is my favorite place to be.

I have always felt strongly that our home should be a sanctuary. A place of calm and happiness. That is why I started Reset Your Nest, Salt Lake City organization company. When I walk into my home I take a big breath of relief and joy that I am in my special place. I love where I live. It is a place where my loved ones are, yes, but also a place that reflects me. It is a place that has been designed with my family in mind. It reflects my style, my priorities, and my life. Do you feel the same way about your home? My business is centered about creating that vision and reality for others, but it is also something you can do on your own. I believe in you.

Reset Your Nest blog - styled living room in home

Here are 4 tricks for making your home your favorite place:

1 - Take everything out. Whatever space you are resetting...start with a blank canvas. Look at your house as a place that is custom suited to you, not the other way around. Think about your dream house, your needs, your values, what gets used the most, what things never seem to end up in the right spot...then look at your current house and make it happen.

2 - While everything is out….keep what you love and use, and get rid of the rest. It is so hard to get rid of the “someday I might find a use for this” things or the “it was a gift,” or “this reminds me of…” items, but I promise you if you haven’t used it in a year and it can be replaced for $20 or less in 20 minutes or less- you don’t need it. Sentimental items have their place and I can be very sentimental, but if it is never going to be used ever, consider taking a picture of it and compiling sentimental items in a photo book instead of boxes and boxes of unused things.

3 - Shop smart. Find things that you LOVE. They don’t have to be expensive and they don’t have to be all at once, but slowly budgeting and purchasing items that bring you joy make a difference. When organizing, measure your space and purchase containers that you love that fill the space. It makes all the difference for aesthetics and function to have the right sized containers.

4 - Sort. Put like things together, keep like things contained in a basket or bin and put a label on it. When you know where everything is in your house, when everything has it’s place and the whole family is on board, and when your home speaks to your style and your family becomes a place you want to be.

Reset Your Nest blog - 4 steps to making a house a home

What are your problem areas in your home? I’d love to help! If you are getting started on the journey to resetting your home, start small. Doing an entire house is a huge undertaking. Take one area a week. You can break down your kitchen into different sections and just take a bite at a time...but I promise if you follow the above steps and apply it to any space, you will have a home that invites the calm refuge we all need during these crazy times.


Jen Martin is the owner of Reset Your Nest, Salt Lake City home organization company. She brings the world of interior design and professional organizing together to create luxurious spaces that are also functional and custom tailored to each client.

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