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40 of My Best Organization Tips for My 40th Birthday

It's my 40th birthday today! I love big milestone birthdays. If you've been following along on Instagram all week, you've probably seen all the excitement over there. But, I wanted to share something for just my blog readers.

After a few years of being a professional organizer and over a decade of being a mom, I've rounded up some great tips that I'm sure will help make your life easier. Some are easy to implement, and some are more of a process, but I know you'll find some tips that will be game-changers for you!

40 Of the Best Organization Tips

Kitchen Organization Tips

1. Use deli containers instead of Tupperware.

2. Decant Ziploc bags. I promise you will never look back.

3. Print a QR code label to always have the directions for decanted pantry items handy.

4. Decant dishwasher pods into a hinged lid acrylic container.

5. Use an adhesive-backed acrylic container inside the kitchen sink cabinet for essentials you want hidden.

6. Create a ‘kid drawer’ where all the kid dishes live for easy access.

7. Use expandable drawer dividers or acrylic drawer organizers to separate cooking utensils.

8. Decant spices so they are all in consistent sized jars and alphabetize them in a drawer, on lazy susans, or on a tiered spice shelf.

9. Store cookie sheets, cutting boards, and anything else that has a large surface area vertically.

10. Decant grocery items that are consistently rotated through and eaten into airtight containers.

11. Have a backstock bin of items that are overflow from decanted items or from bins taking up prime real estate. Shop from the backstock before going to the store.

12. Create zones and systems that will help your routines. Do you always make PB&J? Consider keeping the bread, peanut butter, and paper plates all by each other. Do you have tea every morning? Consider bringing mugs, tea packets, and the electric kettle close together. Same thing with smoothies.

13. Contain parts and pieces of small appliances in labeled bins. Get them out of the boxes.

Clothing Organization Tips

14. File fold anything in drawers, bins, or suitcases. These are my favorite bins for closets!

15. Use a hanging shoe organizer to plan children’s outfits ahead of time

16. Switch out seasonal clothes to be stored elsewhere: it clears clutter in your closet and forces you to edit every 6 months or so.

Home Organization Tips

17. Use cord bundlers to manage cords on appliances, behind a computer, etc.

18. Use masking tape to help hang pictures with two hooks on the back.

19. Keep rugs secure with rug grippers, and drawer organizers secure with removable adhesive putty.

20. Use lemon oil to remove labels.

Miscellaneous Organization Tips

21. Use zipper pouches to decant games.

22. Use photo boxes to decant card games and to organize essentials in-car consoles.

23. Use consistent bins in the garage.

24. Only keep what you use right before bed and right upon waking on your nightstand.

25. Use deep containers when closets have deep shelves so items don’t get lost in the back.

26. Create a command center for your family where things tend to pile up, devices are charged, and where an action basket holds the most important “to deal with” items.

27. Store office supplies vertically: paper, notebooks, wrapping paper, gift bags, etc.

Bathroom Organization Tips

28. Use hooks for towels.

29. Decant toothpaste into a small amber pump bottle (mix with a little bit of mouthwash).

30. Use colored cardstock and sticky slipcovers to label bins for different holiday decor.

31. Organize hair bows by color on a ribbon behind the door.

32. Use a caddy to store all makeup, then when getting ready, the caddy can come on the counter. Use dividers to separate between eyes, lips, foundation, etc.

Labeling Tips

33. Use bin clips on any bin that does not have a smooth/hard surface.

34. The P-touch cube is the most superior and economical labeler out there.

Laundry Organization Tips

35. Designate a place for mismatched socks.

36. Decant items that are most visible and that you also want the easiest access to: laundry pods, dryer balls, dryer sheets, and color catchers. Even stain remover, vinegar, and bleach can be decanted and look beautiful.

Linen Organization Tips

37. Fold sheets in sets and store them in labeled bins or on labeled shelves.

Travel Organization Tips

38. Use zipper pouches for passports, games, sunscreen, masks, and cords.

39. Travel cubes help keep different categories separate and/or different children’s belongings.

40. Fold entire outfits together.


Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my birthday and for supporting Reset Your Nest. Truly nothing makes me happier than sharing my passion with all of you!

XO, Jen

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing business in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves creating order and systems out of chaos. Her specialty is finding a way to continue the aesthetic of any home to every cupboard and drawer. She shares her tips and tricks on Instagram @reset_your_nest.