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Big Girl Boho Bedroom Makeover

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Transforming my daughter's room this last year has been a slow moving project, but as we put the finishing touches on it this week, it has felt so worth it. It is the perfect blend of clean and simple, grown up and fun, and has a few boho touches throughout that give it a

Here are my tips for recreating this look as well as the links to my favorite pieces in this room. They are all budget friendly and came together for a cohesive look.


If you know me, you know my love for Beddy's beds runs deep. Getting Beddy's for my kids' rooms has completely changed their ability (or should I say their inability?) to make their beds. With a simple zipper, the bed is made. I wanted something light and easy to style through the years so we chose white and then added pillows and a fur blanket for added texture and interest. (You can always use code RESETYOURNEST for 15% off your Beddy's purchase)

little girl bedroom boho chic Salt Lake organizer

I love this pillow we used from Target, then the big Euro white velvet pillow and insert are from Amazon. I love the black metal bed we got for her room as well. It is sturdy, simple, and can adjust to different styles. I was worried the black metal would feel cold and like an 1800's hospital bed...but I love it and intentionally warmed up the room with lots of other colors and materials.

When my daughter turned 8 she started begging for a desk. Fitting a desk in her room meant consolidating what was in her big dresser and making room for all those items in her closet. We added a 4 cube shelf in her closet to create some storage for books, treasures, and blankets. This is a great way to add storage in closets that only have a closet rod and where the vertical space isn't being maximized.

little girl bedroom boho chic Salt Lake organizer


We added a fun book basket by the chair and an under the bed basket (for her blankets). My daughter (like most 9-year-old girls), has a lot of little treasures that she likes to keep out. We found this cute tray that corrals all her small items to clear the clutter from her nightstand and desk (hers was found in the dollar spot at Target and has a very boho look, but here is something similar).

little girl bedroom boho chic Salt Lake organizer


There was a lot going on with a window, drapes, and two hanging plants (we hung these with a shelf bracket from IKEA to add a little touch of wood and make the bracket more of a focal point) on one wall, big closet doors on another, and then these cute poster sized pictures on the third wall. We hung them with these magnetized wood picture hangers that you can get from Amazon in a variety of sizes. My daughter also has a cute wire wall hanging that allows her to clip pictures and memories as well as a set of hooks behind her door for bags and jackets.

So...deciding what to put on the main wall behind her bed and nightstand was tricky. We spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect wallpaper that would add to the boho look, add light, be interesting enough to stand alone and make the wall interesting, but not so busy that it would compete with everything else going on in the room. The wallpaper was just installed this week by Indigo Design Co. and it has brought the entire room together. I love the quality of wallpaper from Indigo Design Co. and am so grateful I chose them! (You can always use code RESET15 for 15% off your wallpaper purchase)


The rug we chose was a Christmas present for my daughter and the first step in creating a look for her new room. It is super affordable and we purchased the 6'7"x9' size. We love how it is muted and neutral, but also has a lot of different colors. We used this rug as the foundation to planning everything else in the room around.

I love the texture of the lamp we put on the nightstand and the mini lamp we used on the desk is super sweet and neutral. We added a few personal touches like the gold frame and the H on the desk for my daughter's name, as well as a plant and wood framed picture on the nightstand.

The chair in the corner is no longer available from IKEA, but here is a similar one from West Elm. Also, I am huge fan of the budget friendly faux-leather chair at the desk. We have used these in different areas of our home and they hold up well, are easy to clean, and very affordable.


I love how this room came together over time. It is fun and interesting, but also neutral and calming. I love that the desire for a beautiful design didn't overpower my daughter's personality. We were able to make both come together to create a very cohesive look. I hope you found inspiration here! I typically transform spaces in a matter of hours and this transformation took months. It is entirely possible to transform a space piece by piece as you save money, find the right items, and take your time making it perfect. We have one more missing link to finish in the next little bit. Wish us luck as we transform my daugther's nightstand into something super cool!

XO, Jen

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing business in Utah (Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Logan, Utah County, and St. George), California (Bay Area, Los Gatos, Hillsborough, Atherton, San Jose), Denver, CO, and Phoenix, AZ. She loves creating order and systems out of chaos. Her specialty is finding a way to continue the aesthetic of any home to every cupboard and drawer. She shares her tips and tricks on Instagram @reset_your_nest.

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