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What do you dread the most about the holiday season? I know it is a magical time of year, but there is also a lot of work that goes into making it a magical time.⁠ For me and so many of my clients, the most stressful thing to do is decorate the house for the holidays. The decorating itself is one hurdle to tackle, but taking it all down and putting it away after the holidays is a lot of work.

This is why we decided to offer a special holiday service - Set-Up and/or Tear Down of your Holiday Decor! We can come to unpack and set up decor, and we can also come after the holidays to put it all away in an organized system. We are not interior designers and will not bring in additional decor, but we would love to take the burden off of you for the setup of your existing decor.⁠ We have a few spots still open in November in all three of our regions for our set-up service. Be sure to schedule a free consult call and we can talk more!⁠

Our Holiday Decor + Organization Services

1. Take Out Holiday Decor + Store Everyday Items

Your holiday decor may be spread out in different places, but we'll take it all out and organize it by room and category. We will also take your everyday home items and store them safely away during the holidays. Our team will set out your decorations for you in a tasteful way, with your input added.

As we're taking out your holiday decor, we will go through the same process as we do when organizing any space. As we bring out your decor from years past, we will help you edit items you are no longer using and loving. We will help you evaluate what items you really want to keep as the years go on.

2. Take Down and Organize All Holiday Decor

The hardest job of all - holiday take down. Especially when you're burnt out after the holidays, putting away your holiday decor in an organized way is probably the last thing on your priority list. If you use a designer for your holiday decor, we love working with them to put everything away at the end of the season as well.

We take the grunt work out of it. If your holiday decor was not organized before, it will be now! We don't just throw things in boxes and send you back the systems you had before. All of the decorations you use and love will be neatly labeled, categorized, and stored in the Reset Your Nest Way!

Does this sound like it would make your holiday season easier? Schedule a consult to get on the schedule for Salt Lake, Utah County, or St. George. Or, you can gift this service to someone on your gift list - it would truly be the most memorable and timeless gift!

Jen Martin is the founder of Reset Your Nest, Utah's premier home organization business. At Reset Your Nest we believe pantries should be just as beautiful as living spaces, and living spaces just as functional as pantries. To schedule a free consultation with Reset Your Nest, click HERE. Make sure to subscribe to the Reset Your Nest blog for new posts in your inbox, and follow Reset Your Nest on Instagram for organizational tips and tricks.

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