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Michelle Money Home- Kitchen Organization

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

I'm so thrilled to be revisiting the organizing project we did for Michelle Money, my favorite Bachelor contestant, in March. She was so fun to work with and it was such a great project. We did her entire pantry and kitchen in one day with a huge team and I love how it turned out! Let's start with my favorite part of any kitchen...the SPICE DRAWER:

spice drawer organization

Spice Drawer Organization

I was so impressed with the attempts Michelle had made around her kitchen at organization. She had some great products, she just needed more consistency in her containers and more of a system. Spice drawers are so fun to transform because the result is so dramatic! We used my favorite set of spice jars, decanted all the spices, and used the labels that come with the set. For the few spices she had that we didn't have labels for, we used my favorite cube labeler and made some to match. And don't forget that these measuring spoons fit perfectly into these jars if your current ones are too big.

how to organize a spice drawer

Using this acrylic spice shelf and alphabetizing the spices will make this system easy to maintain and really gives this whole drawer and seamless look.

spice drawer organization

Tea Drawer Organization

It is so common for a tea drawer to look like this. The different size boxes for different brands can be hard to keep orderly. And then it can be hard to locate that tea you're craving at any given moment, and no one wants that!

tea drawer organization

I love this tea organizer by mDesign. By getting rid of the boxes and putting the individual bags in this separated container, we saved so much space. Now the tea drinkers in this family will be able to find exactly the tea they're wanting.

tea drawer organization

Protein Powder and Supplement Organization

Protein powders and supplements were found in a few different locations in the kitchen, like this drawer. This is one reason why we pull EVERYTHING out and group like things together before putting anything back in space.

how to organize a protein powder drawer

Michelle was so great to go through every item and get rid of anything that was expired or wasn't being used. We used bamboo drawer dividers and acrylic bins to keep this drawer orderly and it's so much better!

protein organization

Food Wrapping Organization

Every kitchen needs a drawer for plastic bags, wraps, and foil. With the right containers and placement, we were able to consolidate everything into one functional drawer. I love decanting plastic bags into these containers so they're easy to grab and you're not messing with packaging. Plus, it looks great, too.

kitchen drawer organization
ziploc organization

Silverware Drawer Organization

When all of Michelle's serving utensils had been gathered, we knew they needed a drawer of their own. That freed up some room for us to use this expandable bamboo silverware tray so that her silverware could fit more comfortably. Do you store your silverware on its side like this? It saves room and looks so nice.

silverware drawer organization
utensil organization

And these acrylic drawer organizers were perfect for her serving utensils

utensil organization

Small Appliance Organization

Michelle had a lot of storage up high in her kitchen, high enough that no one could reach it without a step stool. We had Michelle show us some things that she knew she wanted to keep but didn't get to often, and we stuck them in these hard-to-reach places. One of my favorite things to do when storing small appliances, like this juicer, is to keep the parts that go with the appliance right next to it in an acrylic bin. Then everything is contained and you can just pull the whole bin down to your counter and have everything you need when you're using that appliance.

small appliance organization

Water Bottle Organization

Water bottles can be a frustrating thing to know how to store. Clients often put them in a drawer standing up, with lids attached, with the intention of keeping it tidy. But the bottles will inevitably tip over, and before you know it, you're digging through a mess to find what you want.

water bottle organization

Moving Michelle's water bottles from a drawer to a cupboard and containing them with this water bottle organizer plus these deep 16-inch acrylic bins was the answer to all her water bottle frustrations. The family can now see what they have and will be able to easily locate what they want.

water bottle organization

Baking Supply Organization

We love to corral baking supplies together, and these next two drawers gave us the opportunity to do just that.

baking organization

Drawer dividers help things stay where you want them and small things like measuring spoons always do better when contained in my favorite acrylic drawer organizer trays. Don't forget to put some museum gel on the bottom so they don't slide around when you open and close the drawer.

baking organization

Containing the hand mixer, sifter, cookie dough scoop, and aprons in these 10-inch acrylics left just the right amount of space for the rolling pins.

rolling pin organization

Cooking Utensil Organization

A simple swap from these drawer organizers that didn't maximize the space to these expandable drawer dividers really helped us transform this drawer of large cooking utensils.

cooking utensil organization

This in-drawer bamboo knife block is a much safer way to store your knives and also helps to keep them sharp.

knife organization

Storing like items together, like spatulas and tongs, help you find exactly what you're looking for while you're cooking.

spatula organization

Pot and Pan Organization