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PSA: Your nightstand is NOT a junk drawer.

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Life is crazy, isn't it? I have learned through the years that there is ALWAYS going to be something making life busy. Whether your stage of life is college, young professional, newlywed, new parents, parents of toddlers, and so on. After waiting for years for life to slow down, I have finally admitted defeat at the age of a good way. In that defeat I have recommitted myself to prioritize the things that matter most instead of getting sucked in by the daily grind.

One of the best things I have done to facilitate better self care at night is rethink my nightstand. I hope this post can inspire you to find a way to practice a little self care, whatever that looks like for you. I created a 'self-care station' in my nightstand to make taking care of my face and feet before bed a priority. Each night as I wind down, I multitask by pulling out my caddy full of all the things I need for taking care of myself. It has been so helpful and a game changer in my life.⁠ (I also have a super tiny bathroom, so sitting in my cozy bed and prepping for the night instead of squeezing in a tight space with my husband is a no brainer.)

Ready for my PSA? Your nightstand is NOT a junk drawer. It is the place where you start and end your day. In order to start and end your day with intention, try emptying out your nightstand and only putting items back in that you USE at those times. This is YOUR space. ⁠Do you really need spare change, backup sunglasses, or receipts right by your bed? If you only put back the items that are serving you, your evenings and mornings will be filled with more intention.

Here are my top nightstand organization tips:

1- Clear the clutter on top. Try charging your devices somewhere else or find a small basket or tray to hide your devices while they charge. Keep the design simple. I put sconces above our nightstands so I didn't have to deal with a lamp taking up space .

2- Be intentional: I think nightstand drawers can be a catch all and become worse than your average junk drawer. What do I want to put in there that will serve me while I am in bed?

Do you do work from bed? Is it your mini office?

Do you wind down for the night and watch a show before bed? Create a self care station.

Do you like to read in bed? Choose one or two books to keep in your nightstand.

Whatever it get to choose. This is your space, your routine, your life. Be intentional about what you want.

3- Use drawer dividers, a caddy, whatever creates order, separation and gives everything a home.

How do you make self care a priority? Did you know that I have a customizable self care checklist printable in my shop? I know self care looks different for everyone, so I provide lots of ideas, but the actual checklist is completely customizable for you and your goals.⁠

XO, Jen

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing business in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves creating order and systems out of chaos. Her specialty is finding a way to continue the aesthetic of any home to every cupboard and drawer. She shares her tips and tricks on Instagram @reset_your_nest.

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