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Reset Your Nest Gift Guides 2022

Updated: Mar 9

I am so excited about these gift guides this year. These are my favorite tried and true items I use in my own routine, that my husband uses, and that we use at Reset Your Nest for organizing. Most of them are from Amazon because that’s where I do most of my shopping. I hope you enjoy them. They were so fun to make. If you love them, next year I will put together kid, teen, and family gift guides for Christmas as well.

The gift guides for this year include:

  • Gifts under $20

  • Gifts for Him

  • Gifts for Her

  • Gifts for the Organizer

  • Gifts for the Traveler

  • Experience Gift Ideas

Mantle Decorated with Mini Christmas Trees

Gifts Under $20

Christmas Gift Ideas Under 20 Dollars

1. Oil Sprayer I use mine every day when roasting vegetables, in lieu of pam for scrambled eggs, you name it.

2. Magnesium Bath Salts I am a bath lover, and magnesium is supposed to be extra good for sleep, recovery, and mental wellness.

3. Skull King This has been our family’s favorite game for years. So fun and easy enough to pick up on.

4. Dutch Blitz Another game favorite in our family. This is only 4 players but you can buy an expansion pack.

5. Taco Holders I am a big discriminator when it comes to nonessential kitchen items, but these taco holders are a lot of fun if you are regular taco eaters (which we are).

6. Paper clip bracelet I love having simple bracelets that never need to be taken off. This is one of my favorites.

7. Electric rechargeable lighter My kids have had way too much fun with this nifty tool, but I am loving not ever having to use old-school lighters.

8. Scalp massager, shampoo brush I may only wash my hair once a week, but when I do, this is my favorite. Feels so good and really helps my scalp feel stimulated.

9. Cute wristlet keychain I love wristlets and this one is super cute. It’s so nice for finding keys, hanging keys on hooks, and carrying keys around on your wrist.

10. Silk pillowcase Ty and I have slept on silk pillowcases for years and I’ll never go back. Good for hair, and face, and it feels luxurious.

11. Kanoodle I love this game so much that I got two more versions of it so we don’t fight over it at church. It’s a great quiet mind game for church or car rides.

12. Ice roller I love anything that helps me feel less tired and puffy and this does the trick.

13. Carhartt beanie The only item of mine that both my husband and kids borrow and use. I love that it can be worn by anyone.

14. Makeup remover towels These have been my go-to for years. So soft and well-priced.

15. Warm socks We have hard floors and in the winter I am in my slippers or these socks 100% of the time.

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him for Christmas 2022

1. Blanket My husband was the last in our family to get a Minky blanket, but I think he loves his the most. Use RESETYOURNEST45 for 45% off.

2. Shower Steamers Ty longs for a legit steam shower, but this helps him have a more spa-like experience.

3. Slippers Every guy needs a great pair of dad slippers and these are great.

4. Massage Gun Ty uses his every. single. day. It was his favorite gift a few years ago and is still his favorite.

5. Portable jumper cables and air compressor It is mind-blowing to me how much power is in this thing and it saved me more than once this year.

6. Beard oil Ty’s beard is longer than ever before and so this is what I’m getting him this year. We’ve tried cheaper beard oils in the past that haven’t been (or smelled) great. This one has great reviews.

7. Portable charger I love that this charger can plug in and has all the cords at the ready.

8. Laptop briefcase Ty’s current bag is literally falling apart. Only a few more weeks till he can not look homeless going to work again.

9. Apple Airtags For the person who tends to misplace things, we have always used tiles and other helpers and they are worth every penny.

10. Meat Thermometer A great stocking stuffer for the person who likes to grill.

11. YETI Mug I love the price point and look of this cup. Ty and I love our hot drinks and he usually drinks his on the go in the mornings.

12. Magnetic wallet Ty found this and has loved it. He has never enjoyed carrying a wallet on him and this has been a great solution.

13. Ring Toss Game Fun game for an office space or play area for all ages.

14. Knife What guy doesn’t love a good hunting knife?

15. Running gloves These are touchscreen gloves, that add warmth, but aren’t too cumbersome while running outside in colder temps.

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her for Christmas 2022

1. Lumebox Red light therapy and my favorite purchase of the year. It helps with skin (wrinkles and sunspots), recovery, and mood.

2. Soothing and Brightening Eye Balm I think this is my favorite all-time face product. It feels so cool and helps with my dark circles and puffy eyes on the daily.

3. Jewelry box Organizing jewelry can get tricky and I love having a pretty place to put my pretty things.

4. Cross body bag This has become my gym bag, my on-the-job bag, and is perfect every time I don’t want a big bulky purse with me.

5. Stanley Cup I know I am not alone in this but love my cup and it is the #1 reason I am able to get my daily water each day.

6. Pumping lip balm I use this every day as I’m getting ready.

7. Wrapped velcro robe I’ve used one of these my entire adult life and it is the best for self-care days.

8. Flecks of Gold journal This is a 3-year journal that focuses on finding the moments of joy in motherhood and I love it.

9. Laptop case I am always throwing my laptop in a bag and having a protective case is so nice.

10. Self tanning drops These are the best. I put them with my favorite moisturizer and it maintains a glow all winter long.

11. Favorite joggers My uniform is joggers and I have tried them all. These are my new favorites from Amazon.

12. Serving board I don’t think you can have enough serving boards. I use them for snacks, charcuterie boards, appetizers, decor, you name it

13. Geometry Towels Use RESETYOURNEST15 for 15% off

14. VS Perfume Rollers I love these and use them every day for my perfume. Great for travel too.

15. Hexagon hoop earrings Small and discreet, but also interesting and you can sleep with them on.

Organization Gifts

Organization Gifts for People

1. Bamboo ziploc organizers These have been all the rage this year for good reason. My mom asked for these for her birthday and the transformation took just a few minutes.

2. Water bottle organizer I love these for all-average-sized water bottles so nothing gets stuck in the back of a cabinet.

3. Little Green Machine I got this last year for Christmas and I use it weekly on everything.

4. Cube labeler If you know me, you know this is a must. You will never need another labeler and it is the number one most important thing to have when organizing anything.