Reset Your Nest... Reflections On The First Year

Updated: Jun 22

One year ago…ONE YEAR!!!! When I think of all that has happened in one year, my mind and heart can’t even process it all. I knew I wanted to start Reset Your Nest for years, but had plenty of excuses why it wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t until I felt God not just give me permission, but the PUSH I needed to trust in Him and LEAP. My family had experienced a number of trials and though I knew I needed to find a better job than the one I had, it didn’t seem like starting a business was the most practical way to bring in money. When I felt a distinct answer to prayer reassure me that starting my business was EXACTLY what I should be doing, I decided to go for it. I figured that worst case scenario would be working a few hours a week and still making more money than I did at the job I had at the time. I had no idea Reset Your Nest would grow into what it is today, a premier Salt Lake City home organization company…and after just one year.

So…for posterity’s sake, and my own, I wanted to share a timeline of some of the biggest highlights of the first year of Reset Your Nest. The main takeaways I realized after writing this post are:

1- I am so grateful for friends and family who support, cheer, love, and believe in me and what Reset Your Nest is and has the potential to be.

2- Reset Your Nest is about more than Jen Martin and my love for Salt Lake home organization and design. It is about changing the way people live.

3- Starting and owning a business is A LOT of work. Like so much more work than I ever could have consider yourself warned 😂.

January 2020

I made the leap and committed to the name Reset Your Nest (my high school group of girl friends had helped me come up with the name a couple years earlier after throwing around over a hundred different names...but I had never done anything with it). I set up my website, paid $7 dollars for someone from to make a logo, reached out to anyone and everyone who might be able to mentor me in some way, studied, took classes, researched, practiced, worked, read everything I could find about business, design, and organization….and committed to my dream.

Worked with Tracy Bowers and Liv Design Collective as I also took on some friend and family clients of my own.

Started very awkwardly (not much has changed 😊) attempting to post on Instagram on January 31.


Tori Horton flew me to California to coordinate her move and then organize and style her entire home.

I met my first client who didn’t already know me. She hired me to do her pantry…and then it turned into a year of amazing projects throughout her beautiful home.

Reset Your Nest Blog Pantry Organization

I quit the job I had at the time, recognizing that Reset Your Nest was already requiring more time than I had.


Worked on a number of organizing projects including another trip to California.

Caitlin Mortensen, a friend from my previous neighborhood reached out to me and offered to help me with social media…for free. She wanted to help share her knowledge when I was obviously struggling and didn’t expect anything out of it. She is now my assistant, runs the label shop, and does so much for Reset Your Nest it's crazy.

COVID-19 shut the world down, but things continued to move forward with Reset Your Nest.


Bekah Goldie, my life-long best friend gifted me a photo session with the amazing Katie Warner at Peak Photo Studio so my website could reflect the brand I wanted to build.

Reset Your Nest Blog Workspace

Photo Credit: Peak Photo Studios

Jobs started to come in more frequently at the end of the month as people got restless from being quarantined 😊.


I worked on lots of projects, but just by myself. Reset Your Nest was still just me, which worked great for a quarantined world.

My thoughtful husband surprised me on Mother’s Day with Reset Your Nest hats and t-shirts and Reset Your Nest started to feel official.


Reset Your Nest became an official LLC.

The incredible designer, Martha Fetzer, called me and asked if I would be interested in organizing the sample room for The Fox Shop, The Fox Group’s up and coming store. It is still being built…but just being asked to do it remains one of the biggest highlights of my year.


I did my first collaboration with the amazing Julie Boye. After getting a few hundred followers from it, I made a goal to have 1,000 followers by the end of the summer. (I reached my goal on July 13, 2020).

Was interviewed on The Lisa Show about staging your home to sell.


Travelled to California to do a big move and then Florida to style Krista McCracken’s home.

Did an organizing project for Dani Krum and Instagram following grew to 2,648 followers by August 23.

Reset Your Nest Girl's Closet Organization


Travelled to Ohio to do projects for 3 different clients.

Organized Abby Smith’s pantry and kitchen (@twistmepretty).

Reset Your Nest Pantry Organization and Bins

My friend in Florida told me she was chatting with her friends and they started talking about Instagram accounts they follow and they both mentioned @reset_your_nest… in Florida! Across the country! That was the first moment I recognized that others were finding value in what I was sharing on Instagram. I had always felt confident with how my business was growing, but didn’t know if there was a place for me in the social media world.


Organizing and styling Shannon Hale’s bookshelves and having her offer to sign and give each of my children one of her books.

Reset Your Nest Bookshelf Styling and Organization

I had been thinking about building a team for months and then committed to making it happen and within a few weeks had a TRIBE of over 20 talented, kind, and amazing women working with me. The amazing thing is that every single one approached me wanting to be a part of Reset Your Nest. In just a few weeks I had not only organizers, but a bookkeeper, a marketing person, and so much of the help that I was desperately needing.

Reset Your Nest Utah Organizer Team