Reset Your Nest Welcomes CEO Tori Horton

Updated: Apr 20

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Reset Your Nest is growing! I'm thrilled to welcome Reset Your Nest's new CEO, Tori Horton.

The last two years of building Reset Your Nest have been so rewarding, but also more challenging than I ever could have imagined. Thanks to the amazing support from our clients, followers and organizing team, we grew by 400% in the last year! As we have grown this last year, finding a CEO became an obvious need. To keep up with that growth, I found a CEO who will help us keep our rapidly growing business on track and maintain our standard of the highest quality of in-home organizing experiences.

All About Our Rest Your Nest's New CEO

Funny enough, Tori was one of Reset Your Nest's very first clients! Right before the onset of COVID-19, I flew to Northern California to help Tori and her family move into a new home. She was in desperate need of organized systems in a new space for her family. In 2021, Tori moved into her forever home and enlisted the Reset Your Nest team again to reinvent her family's organizational systems. As a client, Tori experienced the value and peace of mind that Reset Your Nest's home organizing solutions offers to busy families. She also saw a huge opportunity for home organizing to support households across the nation and wanted to be a part of our national growth story.

Tori has 20 years of startup experience working with over 10 early-stage companies, some of which were funded by major venture capitalist firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Northgate Capital, Lightspeed Venture and more. Recently, Tori left PayPal as a senior product manager where she was responsible for women’s economic empowerment.

In 2022, we plan to expand our national footprint with Tori's help. We believe the national market opportunity for home organizing is over $500 million dollars and we need a leader who can help us meet consumer demand. The experience Tori brings to Reset Your Nest is invaluable to help us make our mark in this ever growing space.

We're Becoming a B-Corp!

Reset Your Nest will soon incorporate as a B-corp with a social mission to revalue the care economy. This will help us value the work of home organizers and bring happiness and calm to the homes of our clients, something we are extremely passionate about.

When I started Reset Your Nest, it was a small business with the goal of creating beautiful and functional homes. I knew what a positive impact my organizing business would have on families. What I didn’t expect was the life-changing experience Reset Your Nest would be for the women working for me and the families we serve. With the growth of Reset Your Nest and the addition of Tori as our CEO, we’re doing our part to revalue the care economy. It’s an understatement to say that I’m beyond excited for the future of Reset Your Nest.

The time is now to become a client of Reset Your Nest! You never know what could happen when you schedule a Complete Reset, and experience the life-changing peace of mind and home order we offer. Our team would love to speak with you about your home organization needs. Schedule your free 30-minute Complete Reset consultation today!

Jen Martin is the founder of Reset Your Nest, Utah's premier home organization business. At Reset Your Nest we believe pantries should be just as beautiful as living spaces, and living spaces just as functional as pantries. To schedule a free consultation with Reset Your Nest, click HERE. Make sure to subscribe to the Reset Your Nest blog for new posts in your inbox, and follow Reset Your Nest on Instagram for organizational tips and tricks.

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