Creating a Beautiful and Useful Craftroom for Studio McGee

Updated: Mar 3

craft room organization

I'm still reeling at the opportunity my team and I had to organize the McGee home. It's truly an incredible space, and the creativity that went into designing it is inspiring (as everything Shea touches is). I love that Shea wants to foster that same creativity in her own children, and designated space for precisely that. The craft room, nestled just off the kitchen, is darling. Its bright, natural light, soft colors, and kid-friendly features make it the perfect space for kids to create. The star of the room is this beautiful hutch. The top half is styled beautifully (of course) by Shea, and the bottom half has covered shelves, perfect for storing craft supplies. Over time, all the crafting and coloring supplies became messy. The lack of organizational systems left the hutch disheveled and cluttered. Shea felt like she had run out of space and also that there weren't sustainable systems in place that her kids could easily maintain.

craft room organization before

craft room organization after

Craft Room Organization

The goal was to create a space where Shea and Syd's girls could craft independently, so the bins we used to house their supplies needed to be easy to handle; simple to open and close, and easy to clean up. Previously they had been using a lazy susan and a caddy to store art supplies, but bringing it from the hutch to the table wasn't working. The lazy susan was awkward and the supplies seemed to get messy and lost. Shea wanted to try something different.

craft room organization before

craft room organization

craft room organization

craft room organization

Craft Room Organization Products

We used shimo bins to house sticker books, activity books, flashcards, notebooks, blank paper, colored paper, watercolor supplies, and coloring sheets. The softness of these bins plus the white on clear labels that Shea chose really went with the whole aesthetic of the room. We also used OUR shoe box and tall shoe box bins to hold pencil cases, a spirograph, yarn, scissors, paint supplies, easels, and craft tape. This line of bins is stackable, sturdy, easy to open and close and clean up beautifully when they get messy.

craft room organization

craft room organization products

Styling a Craft and Play Room

Just outside the craft room is a built-in cupboard with drawers underneath that ended up being the perfect place to store crafting items that require some adult supervision. The cupboard portion of the unit, which is up high and mostly out of the girls' reach, now stores things like adhesives, kinetic sand, rainbow loom supplies (IYKYK), and a sewing machine with sewing supplies. Up top was the perfect place to put Shea's beautiful candle collection in clear acrylic bins.

craft room before

craft organization

kids art organization
kids kinetic sand organization

Art Supply Organization

Underneath, in the built-in drawers, accessible to the kids, are things like colored pencils, markers, crayons, and glitter pens.

art supply organization

art supply organization

Perler Bead Organization

The drawer underneath these supplies was the perfect place to store all things beads, Perler or otherwise. Just look at the service you get when you hire RYN! We really do love to sort EVERYTHING! ;) Especially in great containers like this bead organizer.

perler bead organization
craft room organization

Although we didn't get a picture of it, I love how we utilized the bottom drawer of this space. Using a drawer divider, we created two different sections for the McGee's two oldest daughters. Now they each have their own space to put finished projects that they want to keep. When the drawer gets full, Shea and Syd can go through it and edit it accordingly. Such a simple way to keep clutter and paper from becoming overwhelming.

craft room organization

Do you have a designated craft space for the kids in your life? I'd love to know how you keep it organized!

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing business in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves creating order and systems out of chaos. Her specialty is finding a way to continue the aesthetic of any home to every cupboard and drawer. She shares her tips and tricks on Instagram @reset_your_nest.

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