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The Organizer's Gift Guide

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Are you shopping for someone who loves organization? Those who are organized tend to not want a lot of “stuff”. More stuff = more clutter. So how do you shop for someone who loves being organized but does not love “stuff”? By consulting an organizer of course!

As a top Salt Lake City organizer, here are my top ten organizer gift ideas for 2020. and things I find super useful in any space.

1. Cube Label Maker:

Organizer's Gift Guide P-Touch Label Maker

I know this is a little more expensive than the typical label maker but this is not your momma’s label maker. I have loved the ease of the cube and love that the size of the labels make your spaces look more custom. It’s small, and connects to an app on your phone. Once you get this, you might just start to label everything in your house.

2. Multipurpose Bins:

Organizer Gift Guide Multipurpose Bins

These are my favorite containers for lots of items. I love using these under sinks, in garage and store rooms, cleaning closets, etc. They come in 4 sizes, are a good price, and sturdy. They have a handle but no lid which makes for easy accessibility. Make sure you measure your space before you buy to confirm they will fit because they run a little deep.

3. Care spray bottles:

Organizer Gift Guide Care Spray Bottles

Have you tried these? I love them! When you make your own cleaners, there is no need to stock up on endless amounts of cleaning products, and you can put your homemade cleaners in these beautiful bottles. Best gift ever.

4. Everything organizer:

Organizer Gift Guide Everything Drawer Organizer

For those of us who use organization as therapy, there are few things more therapeutic than putting together a drawer with everything organizers. I use these organizers everywhere. Bathroom, kitchen, office, junk drawer, you name it. They grip on the bottom, have square corners, come in so many different sizes, and are a great product. I love to get my kids legos for Christmas because they build them all day. Think of this gift as legos for your organizer. A fun project to enjoy on Christmas.

5. Clutch Nails:

Organizer Gift Guide Clutch Nails

As an organizer who spends a portion of almost every day removing labels from containers, my nails and hands get destroyed. I love having pretty nails and was initially disappointed when my job seemed to conflict with my little luxury of having nice nails. Enter Clutch Nails. These nails are amazing! They are so cute and STAY ON. Use code RESET15 to get 15% off your order.

6. Scotty Peeler:

Organizer Gift Guide Scotty Peeler

I love this scraper! I have tried so many brands, but this has become my go to for removing the trickiest of labels. It is very sharp, so be careful not to hurt you or scratch your item, and it's incredibly handy.

7. Tea Organizer:

These can come in handy for so many things beyond just tea, but getting rid of those boxes is super satisfying, saves space, and makes it so easy to see what you have and don’t have in your stash.

Reset Your Nest Organizer Gift Guide Tea Organizer

8. Spice Jar Set:

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know how I feel about decanting spices. This is easily the most fun and satisfying organizing project there is. If you don’t like the labels that come with the spice jars, there are lots of fun options out there.

Organizer Gift Guide Spice Jar Set

9. Airtight containers:

I use different types of containers for decanting items, but LOVE beautiful, clear, air tight containers. Get rid of ALL the packaging. OXO’s are great because there are so many sizes and they are plastic.

Organizer Gift Guide Airtight Containers

And my new favorite are the glass canisters from Freyian. They stack, and are just so pretty. I love the colored lids, but am also excited for their all white lids that are coming soon. Use code RESETYOURNEST5 to get 5% off your order!

Organizer Gift Guide Frevian Glass Containers

I have also used these containers from IKEA that are glass. You have to buy the lid separately, but the bamboo accent is so cute.

Organizer Gift Guide IKEA glass container

10. Felt Bins:

Organizer Gift Guide Target Felt Bin

I love this product from Target. These felt bins come in three sizes, are sturdy, and are the perfect bin for linen closets, clothing closets, and stuffed animal storage. I also thing they would be a great laundry basket. They come in two colors, but I love the oatmeal color. I have used all different types of bin clips on them and they all look good.

Opinions are all my own. Some of these links are affiliate links and Reset Your Nest receives a small commission for you purchases.



Jen Martin is the owner of Reset Your Nest, Salt Lake City home organization company. She brings the world of interior design and professional organizing together to create luxurious spaces that are also functional and custom tailored to each client.

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