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30 Day Reset Program

No matter what time of year it is, it's never too late to want to get organized and have a fresh start. I love what we do, I’m so proud of what we do, the transformations are remarkable, I know we’re changing lives, but I also recognize that organizing is a very expensive service. Not everyone can afford to have a professional organizer come into their home and completely transform it. That's why I decided to create the 30 Day Reset Program.

The Difference Between 30 Day Reset Program 30 Day Reset Checklist Reset Your Nest

I love sharing all my tips, resources, and content on Instagram, but because it’s lots of fun reels and a little tip here and a little tip there, I wanted to have something that was really comprehensive that gave you everything. Everything I’ve learned from studying other organizers, working with other organizers, figuring things out for myself, working with a team, being in hundreds of different homes, and working with so many different clients and spaces. This program does take a lot of work (over 200 pages of reading!) and lots of problem-solving. Plus it will take longer since you will be tackling many things we do as a team, but I still believe that you can do it! And that is really what I wanted to give to anyone looking to invest in their home and make it a place that they truly love.

What's the difference between the 30 Day Reset Program and the Checklist?

The 30 Day Reset Checklist is a free printable and a part of the 30 Day Reset Program. The checklist is not in calendar format because I know it's impossible to be perfect 30 days in a row and it’s kind of unrealistic to think you can get everything on the checklist done in 30 consecutive days. But the checklist identifies different spaces in your home and what order to tackle them. No matter how long it takes, you’ll end up with a home, life, and systems that feel like they’ve been completely reset and customized to you.

The 30 Day Reset Program provides you with more than just the checklist, you also get links to all of our best products, an invite to a private group for more advice, and an email series. Starting on day 1 of purchasing the program, you’ll get an email every single day with a link to the buy guides, product links in the email itself, and a few pictures to give you an example of what the spaces could potentially look like. I know a lot of people have set aside a folder in their email inbox labeled "30 Day Reset Program" to save all the emails as they come in. It can be your own resource or reference to return to, especially because 30 days in a row is a lot.

We are currently using this program as the launching pad for all of our organizers who are now joining us. They get the 30 Day Reset Program to do in their own home for 30 days, and then they train with us on jobs to become a certified Reset Your Nest trained organizer. So it has really good content. It goes into a lot of detail (over 200 pages!) explaining how Reset Your Nest looks at each space. How do you establish systems? What kinds of questions do you ask when decluttering? What products should you use? Finding the right products has taken hundreds of hours of research plus trial and error. You get access to separate product guides specific to each area covered in the checklist (plus tips for those wanting budget-friendly product options). That way, once you measure your space and determine your aesthetic, you can then purchase from our tried and true product lists.

How much does the 30 Day Reset Program cost?

The 30 Day Reset Program is $200, which is a steal! I initially did a Pinterest-Perfect Pantry e-course (which is now part of the larger 30 Day Reset Program) that sold for an amazing $25 when it probably should have been $50 or $60 because of how much information it shared. Now this new program has 30 different spaces! There is a lot of information and it really is a foundation to finally get your home organized.

If you’re an organizer starting your own business or just struggling to know where to start in your own home, this is a really good resource. I’ve even had past clients purchase this program because, even though we’ve organized their space, they want to know where to get the same products and organize other areas in their homes that we haven’t organized for them. They’ve told me that they loved the program even after they’ve seen Reset Your Nest come in first-hand and organize their home.

How is the 30 Day Reset Program different from other programs?

From what I've seen of other programs out there, and there are some really good ones, I have never seen one that is as in-depth as the 30 Day Reset Program. This program gives you links directly to every single product, not just tips. We’re not just teaching you how to declutter, (Do you love it? Have you used it?) although that’s one really important step, it's only one step. This program is the "how-to". How do you think about the space? How do design it? How do you put things next to each other so they look nice? Making sure there’s not too much variety in product but also not limiting yourself to only a couple of products because you want the right products to work with the right items that you’re organizing. How do you label the nitty gritty? How do you make a label look good? What label tape are you going to choose? What kinds of labels can you use on different kinds of bins? It goes into a lot of detail.

There is no video content, it’s not picture-heavy. Our Instagram page is a great resource for video content and pictures if you want to go there to see videos and pictures. But as far as the buy guide with the links and the actual content that you’re reading, there’s nothing out there like it. Also, just to clarify about the buy guide, it's great because we have a picture of the product so you can see it along with its dimensions, cost, and a link directly to the product. It’s nice to not just have a link that says “small multi purpose bin” when you don’t know what that is. The buy guide helps you to visualize what those items really look like.

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Whether you just follow on Instagram for little tips, or if you're just here for the 30 Day Reset Checklist, or if you want to get the 30 Day Reset Program, or if we someday have the pleasure of organizing your home personally and be in your home, I’m so grateful for your support and so glad that you’re a part of our Reset Your Nest community. Happy organizing!

XO Jen Martin

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing Business in Utah (servicing Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Alpine, Highland, Mapleton, and St. George). She loves creating order and systems out of chaos and is known for bringing a beautiful aesthetic as well as easy to maintain function to any space. She shares her tips and tricks on Instagram @reset_your_nest.

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