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Reset Your Nest's No-Fail Spring Cleaning Schedule

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

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Spring is in the air…isn’t it the best? After a long winter, feeling warm again is so refreshing. Every year I feel like a hermit coming out of its shell in March. Ready to be outside, give everything a once over, and usher in the warmer weather with fresh starts and fresh spaces.

Here is a list of the household cleaning and organization tasks I try to get to each spring. This is certainly not all-inclusive and doesn’t include things I do weekly and monthly to maintain my home’s cleanliness and organization.

Some of these items I only do once a year in the spring, some I do twice a year, and some quarterly, but I make all of them a priority in the spring. This can be a lot to take on at one time, so I like to divide the tasks over a few weeks and get my family involved (kids are great at dusting blinds and baseboards, and spouses are great at dusting tall lights).

Especially if you have spring travel plans, do not feel pressured to get all of this done in one week. Go through the checklist, and plan which tasks you can get done during each week in April.

Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Dust baseboards

  • Dust blinds

  • Dust light fixtures

  • Clean outsides of windows, tracks, and screens

  • Wipe down and clean trash cans

  • Wipe down dining and island chairs

  • Clean inside of fridge and freezer

  • Vacuum carpet edges and vents

  • Clean upholstery, care for leather furniture

  • Schedule carpet cleaners

  • This is a great time to schedule other cleaners you hire yearly: grout cleaners, countertop surfaces, vents, upholstery, windows, car detailing, etc.

  • Clean hairbrushes and makeup brushes

  • Power wash outside and garage items: garage door, patio furniture, shed, garage floors, etc.

spring cleaning kitchen

After I've done my spring cleaning, I like to organize and edit areas of my home. When I say "edit" in the checklist below, I mean to go through each category and get rid of things that are no longer needed or used.

Spring Organizing Checklist:

  • Edit clothing and donate anything that is worn, stained, or too small

  • Switch out seasonal clothing, adjusting labels as necessary

  • Write a list of spring and summer clothing items needed

  • Organize and edit fridge, freezer, and pantry items. If anything hasn’t been used in the last 6 months or forgotten about, make a plan to either consume it or donate it to the local food bank.

  • Sit down with each child and help them edit their book collection, treasures, and clothing.

  • Go through each main living space in your room and do an edit. If there are any items that have been replaced, throw out the old ones. If there are any items that haven’t been used in the last 6 months, assess if they still really need to take up space in your home.

  • Sort through ‘to be filed’ items and receipts. Throw out anything from the last 6 months that are not necessary and scan or file the important ones.

  • Sort through seasonal outdoor items: gardening, lawn care, car washing, swimming, and summer toys.

  • Pack up and label winter gear, edit items that need replacing (and write a list).

spring cleaning garage

Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning and organizing? If you want this checklist in printed form, we made a FREE printable for you to use during your spring cleaning and organizing. Simply hit the arrow button below to download, print and use.

Reset Your Nest Spring Checklist
Download PDF • 55KB

spring cleaning home organization

I hope this helped you get excited abou

t cleaning out and cleaning up your space. Don't forget we have a blog full of tips and tricks to help. Plus, keep checking back for the next few weeks because we'll be sharing more spring cleaning tips and tricks.

Jen Martin is the founder of Reset Your Nest, Utah's premier home organization business. At Reset Your Nest we believe pantries should be just as beautiful as living spaces, and living spaces just as functional as pantries. To schedule a free consultation with Reset Your Nest, click HERE. Make sure to subscribe to the Reset Your Nest blog for new posts in your inbox, and follow Reset Your Nest on Instagram for organizational tips and tricks.

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