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7 Tips to Decorate For Christmas Magic Without the Clutter

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This year I added a few things to my decor. It’s always fun to add a little bit more or a little bit new. I have a whole post from last year about neutral decor right HERE.

This is how I keep things in check each year and experience the joy of creating a beautiful Christmas home without breaking the bank or adding to the bulk of items I need to store.

Clutter-Free Christmas Decor Tips

1. Decorate BEFORE buying anything new. Sometimes we forget what we already have or how much space we really have to work with. I like to get all my decor out before I let myself set foot in the holiday section at Target.

2. Change things up with items that don’t add a lot of bulk: this year I added gold ribbon to my tree and hanging from my mirror and wreaths and candlesticks. It added a fun touch of sophistication and color without a high cost or taking up a lot of space.

3. Invest in pieces that are classic and high quality like garland and a tree you love. Those are the pieces that you will use through the years, while the little touches can be tweaked.

4. Use beautiful pieces you already have and add something with a holiday touch. I put simple Christmas trees in pretty planters I already had, holiday stems in one of my favorite vases, and bulbs in a pretty bowl I use year-round. It makes the decor look more elevated but still adds a holiday touch.

5. Twinkle lights. These are such an inexpensive way to add literal twinkle everywhere. I love adding these to garlands, centerpieces, behind our nativity, and anywhere I can.

6. Be ruthless about donating or trashing anything you have grown tired of and won’t be using again. Having a curated collection of Christmas decor makes decorating so much easier. There is less to store, and less to think about, and set up and take down is so much easier if the things you are managing are all things you use and love.

7. Be intentional about where in your home you want Christmas. We do a small tree in each of our kids’ rooms. This year we also added some fun holiday touches to our primary bedroom. I was very conscious of what I was bringing in knowing I would need to store it, but a garland and a couple of trees, pillows, a green throw, and cute flannel red and white windowpane sheets were enough to bring the holiday into our bedroom.

Here are my favorite Christmas decor pieces this year:

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