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How to Use the Brother P-touch Cube Plus Label Maker

I've gotten so many questions about what labeler we use at Reset Your Nest and how we use it. The Brother p-touch cube plus label maker is by far my favorite. I'll be sharing the basics with you as well as some tips and tricks that will help you use it. I will get into the logistics of what label tape we use and when and how we determine lengths. You can watch my Instagram Live demonstration with the label maker or read more below!


I have always loved organizing, which is why I've done a lot of research on labelers. I've cut custom vinyl through the years for myself and I've always used little hand labelers like this. However, getting this cube labeler was a game changer for me. Out of all the labelers I've tried, this really is the best for me and for my business. Each of our regions has one of these labelers that we use for making all of our custom labels for our clients. This is also a great label maker if you are thinking of organizing your whole house.

How to Use the Brother P-Touch Cube Plus Label Maker

How to Use the Label Maker

Brother P-touch Cube Plus Label Maker Setup

1. Download the PT Design Print app. Accept all the setup features and make sure that your p-touch is turned on. When it's on, the green light will be lit and you will connect it through Bluetooth.


2. Connect via Bluetooth. Sometimes, even though it's connected to Bluetooth, you have to search for your p-touch and then connection will be established again. Once that's connected, you go into your app and tap through the preliminary walkthroughs. You'll get to a page with a button "create your own label". There are tutorials that will pop up that you can follow.


3. Insert the label tape you want to use. One of the reasons why I love the Brother P-touch Cube Plus label maker is because you can buy 24mm tape, which roughly equates to 1in. It's a much thicker tape than you can get for your typical handheld labeler (although the P-touch PT-D210 labeler from P-touch can be more affordable but will have a smaller tape size). Once you have your label tape selected, open the side of the label maker (there's no special button), and make sure that the side of the tape with writing is facing out towards you so it will show through the little window on the side of the label maker. Position the tape so that where the tape feeds out is facing the opening in the label maker. Push and wiggle it until you hear it click into place.


Here are my favorite label tapes for the Brother P-touch Cube Plus labeler: 

3. Tap "create your own label" in the app. Type out the text for your label and select your font. Before you print, it will tell you how long your label is going to be. You can adjust that measurement by tapping on that button and adjusting the length in inches. You will see the text shrink down on the screen to fit the new measurement. That measurement will save for subsequent labels. To remove that measurement, tap the tape length again and deselect it for the text to return to normal. 


Here are some of my go-to fonts: 

  • Avenir Next (modern)

  • Oklahoma (traditional)

  • Atlanta

  • Brum (typewriter)

  • Utah Condensed (bold)

Pro Tip: If you want your labels to look clean and modern like ours, use all caps. Our ultimate secret to give the label some interest is to also include a space in between each letter (three spaces between each word).

4. Print & select quantity. Once you have designed your label the way you want it to look, select "print". The app will then ask you how many of that label to print. Make your selection and tap "continue to print". It may take a moment for the first one to print because the app is correlating the color label tape to what the label looks like on your screen. Even if they are de-synced, it will not affect the way it prints the label tape. This label maker cuts the labels for you and it give you so many options to customize and detail the labels. You can do some really fancy things with it like adding borders and graphics, but I like to keep my labels simple.  

How to Use the Brother P-touch Cube Plus Label Maker Labeler Utah Professional Home Organizer

Label Maker FAQ's

Q: How do you decide on label tape, color, size, and placement?

A: A lot of it comes down to personal preference. Some people love white text on black labels, others love white on gold or black on white. You should consider if you're putting label tape directly on a bin or on a bin clip and what font color will be easier to read on each surface. For example, I love using label tape that is black on clear for acrylic containers. As for placement, we typically place the label centered near the top of a container's side (or right below the handle). To make your Brother P-touch Cube Plus labels look high-end, consistency is key!


Q: Why does my label maker keep disconnecting?

A: Your Brother P-touch cube labeler could be running low on batteries, make sure it is fully charged. If it takes you some time to walk through these steps, it may also be disconnecting to save battery life. Simply repeat the Bluetooth connection process and it should quickly reconnect.


How to Use the Brother P-Touch Cube Plus Label Maker Pinterest

I would love to know what label maker you are using! If you use the Brother P-touch Cube Plus label maker, what is your go-to font style? 

Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing Business in Utah (servicing Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Alpine, Highland, Mapleton, and St. George). She loves creating order and systems out of chaos and is known for bringing a beautiful aesthetic as well as easy to maintain function to any space. She shares her tips and tricks on Instagram @reset_your_nest.

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