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Lindsay Arnold's Closet Transformation

Updated: Mar 9

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We love working with repeat clients, and Linsday Arnold is no exception. I've been a fan of her dancing career for years, and it was a treat to help her organize her home. We've previously organized her bathroom (read that HERE) and pantry (the transformation HERE), and we recently tackled her primary closet.

Lindsay and her husband, Sam, recently remodeled their primary closet into an expansive area with plenty of shelves and hanging space. It was fun for our team to "start from scratch" on a fresh, new closet and set the couple up with a perfectly organized space. Let me walk you through exactly how we organized each section of the closet and what products we used.

If you want more details, head over to our newly launched YouTube channel so you can follow her whole closet transformation and watch the complete video. Give us a follow while you're there so you can see all of our future organization transformation videos!

Look Inside Lindsay Arnold's Closet

Hanging Clothes Organization

We wanted to utilize as much hanging space as possible in the closet. We grouped Lindsay's clothing by category, and then color.

For the section below, we hung all of her dresses on my favorite slim white wood hangers for consistency. First, you'll see her dresses categorized by color. Then on the far side, we hung up all of her bulky coats and outwear.

Above the hanging dresses, we used my favorite Salt By Sabrina bins for Lindsay to store out-of-season items. TIP: make sure you measure your shelves before you shop around for bins! Not all bins have the same dimensions and finding bins that are high quality and match the aesthetic of the closet can sometimes be a challenge.

In between Lindsay's dresses, we used wall space above her drawers to display her darling hats with command hooks. We also brought in an acrylic jewelry tree to hang her necklaces and a small dish to hold items Lindsay wears on the daily.

Folded Clothes Organization

In drawers throughout Lindsay's closet, we folded items like leggings, t-shirts, undergarments, and workout clothing.

We categorized each folded drawer by item (I.e. tops, bottoms, etc.) and then file folded. We used in-drawer separators to keep the items tidy and in their rows.

drawer organization

Shoe Organization

To organize Lindsay's shoes, we first pulled out all of her pairs and categorized them into exercise shoes, sneakers, heels, sandals, boots, etc.

We placed them into her closet by category and color. TIP: If you're designing a custom closet, make sure you allow for adjustable shoe shelves. We were able to utilize this space so well because we could move the shelves around based on shoe height.

shoe organization

TIP: When storing boots and other heeled shoes, place them in opposite directions to save on space and add to style to your shelves.

shoe organization

Men's Clothing Organization

For Lindsay's husband, Sam, we followed many of the same principles when it comes to categorizing. We used wooden hangers for his clothing, as button-ups and sweaters tend to need more structure. To keep things consistent, we used the same Salt by Sabrina bins that we used on Lindsay's side of the closet to store hats, belts, ties, and other miscellaneous items.

mens clothes organization

Accessory Organization

I personally love organizing accessories - there are so many fun storage options and it really helps you utilize all of the pieces you have.

For Lindsay's headband and belt organization, we used this acrylic cylinder organizer to store head scarves inside and to wrap headbands around. In the same space, we used a divided acrylic bin to store Lindsay's belts. This container is very versatile and can also be used for socks, underwear, or anything that fits.

accessory organization

On Lindsay's bag shelf, we placed larger items in their own category. For the second shelf, with smaller clutches, we used acrylic shelf dividers to separate and stand these items upright.

purse organization

I used a drawer organizer to store her sunglasses. In the same drawer, we used these customizable fabric jewelry organizers. I love that each earring is in its separate category or group - it makes using what you have much easier!

accessroy organization

In this same drawer, we used another drawer organizer for hair accessories and a small fabric organizer for dainty earrings.

jewelry organization

Shop Lindsay's Closet

Here is everything we used to organize Lindsay's Closet:

Our team had such a blast working with Lindsay and her cute family. Don't forget to watch her whole video on YouTube below!