The Fox Group- How We Organized One of Our Favorite Interior Designers' Office

A dream came true for me last week- I got to organize the amazing offices at one of my favorite interior design companies- The Fox Group. Being in their beautiful new office space, surrounded by stunning fabrics, tiles, carpet samples, wallpaper, and textiles was just incredible- and organizing this interior design space was so fun.

interior design organization the fox group

Organizing Personal vs. Professional Spaces

Does it surprise you that we follow the same steps to organize a professional office space as we do to organize a kitchen, pantry, garage, or playroom? It's true! Our process is the same in every space! So, first things first: we pulled everything out of every space and started sorting! We had some phenomenal designers working with us that edited everything we pulled out and got rid of all the samples of things they were no longer using, so only things that were loved and relevant found a permanent home in their new space. Take a look at these before pictures!

the fox group organizing before

Interior Design Organization

Fabric Sample Organization

We started with all of these beautiful fabric samples. They were sorted by color and pattern (or lack thereof). These acrylic bins by Mdesign were the perfect product to store them in. We wanted to make sure we had something with handles so that the designers could easily pull them out when they needed them, and can easily put them away when they're done. Not only did we label the shelf where they go, but we also labeled the bins on both sides- so no matter where they are they will be easily read and easily returned to the correct spot. This will make this system easy to maintain for The Fox Group.

fabric sample organization

fabric sample organization

fabric sample organization

fabric sample orgnaization

This cabinet full of pretty fabrics all sorted and organized makes my heart so happy. Am I the only one? Just look at how beautiful it is!

the fox group organization after
the fox group organization

Chancellor bins from The Container Store were used to store bigger items like flooring, casings, baseboards, shingles, window samples, hand rails, trim, and carpet samples. These bins are a must for any interior designer who wants to get organized! They come in a variety of great sizes and are so durable. Consistent containers and labels give this closet a polished look and will be so functional for the designers.

interior design organization
interior design organization

Organizing Carpet Samples

There are so many beautiful carpet samples in this flooring closet, and now they'll be easy to access! Exterior flooring options went on the floor of this closet, again in chancellor bins with handles so they'll be easy to grab!

interior design organization

Organizing Hardware

I love how beautiful and elegant these door pulls, knobs, and hardware look in these velvet lined jewelry boxes. This is a great reminder that just because something is labeled at a store for a specific use (in this case, jewelry), doesn't mean that it has to be used for that. Think outside the [jewelry] box.

organizing hardware

interior design organization

Organizing Trim Samples

These trim samples typically come on a ring with different types grouped together, so we separated everything by type and then arranged by color from light to dark in these linen bins. Drawers and bins were both labeled so there will never be any question about what goes where.

interior design organization
interior design organization

Tile Sample Organization

Tile samples were stored vertically in these gorgeous linen baskets from The Container Store. These baskets look and feel a little more luxurious than a typical acrylic bin, and were the perfect fit for this space.

tile sample organization

Sample boxes and client bins went in the cupboard under the tile. Everything has a place and will be so easy for the designers to locate and use!